Welcome to aquaBelly®!

aquaBelly® was founded in 2010 and is a national fitness and healthy living brand that focuses on Moms, Moms-To-Be and Active Adult Women.  The aquaBelly® fitness program is safe and effective for women during all stages of their adult lives.  It's a great workout without the sweat!  

Fitness, nutrition and healthy living are the core values that drive aquaBelly® and their many instructors.  aquaBelly®, aquaBooty™, aquaGrand™ and aquaBelly Baby™ classes are offered across the country.

Our Values
-To promote healthy living from the very thought of conception in both mothers and children.
-To be the standard for quality, safety, and efficacy in pre and postnatal fitness.
-To create a passion for honoring the mind, body, and spirit in our participants. 

Meet your instructor:

Jennifer Toft
Certified aquaBelly® Instructor
Animal Training & Management Degree
Behavior & Wildlife Education Degree
AFPA Certified Pre-Postnatal Exercise Specialist
Certified CPR-AED-First Aid

Jennifer Toft is a new mom, marine animal and wildlife lover.  Besides her passion for animals she also has a passion for motherhood, teaching, fitness, and being in the water.  After starting aquaBelly® during her first pregnancy in her first Florida summer she fell in love with the program and all of the benefits it has to offer.  After recently moving back to California, Jennifer teaches in the Ventura County/Los Angeles County areas.  Visit her on faceBook page www.facebook.com/aquaBellyByJen or email jen@aquabellyfitness.com