Have fun while you safely exercise... with aquaBelly®!  Enjoy a class with women just like you and discover a healthy, low-impact way to exercise with aquaBelly® prenatal classes. Exercise through pregnancy can reduce backaches, fatigue, leg cramps, constipation and swelling and can contribute to lower weight gain and a faster, earlier at-term delivery. aquaBelly® classes are ideal for preconception and throughout all trimesters!  
Ready to work hard, no sweat... with aquaBooty™!  Kick your workout up a notch and get into high gear with our aquaBooty™ classes.  Whether you are transitioning from your prenatal fitness routine or brand new to our classes aquaBooty™ is an invigorating alternative to traditional exercise.  It will keep you fit, happy and ready to take on the world with your Best Body Ever! 
The perfect way to exercise & bond with your baby...with aquaBelly Baby™!
Enjoy a fun and exciting class with your little bundle.  Classes are 30 minutes in length and give you a full body workout to do with your babe.  Meet other Moms with babies similar in age while the babies socialize with you and one another. 
A refreshing way to stay in shape... with aquaGrand™!
Try easy-to-follow workouts perfect for the fit "Baby Boomer" with aquaGrand™ classes.  Exercise can reduce aches & pains, improve energy, and build strength.  Meet fun, active adults just like you.  Classes are the perfect way to train for traveling, repair injuries and feel overall great!